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How use the Tiziana geometries on Kattiva Character

This tutorial explains like change the connection to the geometries in a cr2 poser-file.
Kattiva standard character refers to the geometries of Victoria: "blMilWom.obj"
You could use the Tiziana geometries: "Tiziana_02.obj", and get a better map of the private parts.
After the change, Kattiva won't change his look, but you will be a new material on which you will apply the genital texture map. You will get as a better resolution and better detail in that part.
For behavior this job must have "notepad" program or any text-editor.
If you don't have the Tiziana geometries, you could download it free from this site:
Download Free Tiziana pcf Geomatries
(read the installation instructions with attention)

Here like do for use the Tiziana geometries on Kattiva Character:
1-Open notepad an load the Kattiva cr2 file:
in the dialog-box of notepad, select "Files of type"-->"All files" and select this file:
2-Between the first lines of the file you will see this line:
"figureResFile :Runtime:Geometries:ZygotePeople:blMilWom.obj"
Select this line and copy it, now open notepad menu:
"Search"--->"Replace" and past the copied line into the dialog-box: "Find what".
Now you paste the same line also in the box "Replace with" but replace the words:
with these words:
The text of the second box in low must be this:
"figureResFile :Runtime:Geometries:ApGeometrie:Tiziana_02.obj"
Push the button "Replace all" ...wait... and close the notepad dialog-box.
3-Now you must save this new cr2 file.
Use a different name, for example: "Kattiva_Tiziana.cr2"
When you save the file, remember to select "Save as type"-->"All file" in the notepad dialog-box, otherwise notepad will use the extension "txt" for save the file.
Complete the name of the file with the extension ".cr2"
4-Now Close notepad and open your Poser program.
5-In the libraries "character"-->"ApCharacters", You find a new file named "Kattiva_Tiziana" but without his image. The cr2 file "Kattiva_Tiziana" has not saved with poser and that's why left the "rsr" file of the image.
Load "Kattiva_Tiziana" in the Poser-scene.
6-Wow! But Kattiva is always the same!...No!
Select the menu: "Render"-->"Materials". The "Surface Matrials" dialog-box appears.
Select "Object"-->"Figure1"
Select "Material"-->"Vag_ano" (the new material)
Select "Object color" --> white 255-255-255
Select "Highlight" --> black 0-0-0
Select "Ambient color" black 0-0-0
Select "Reflective color" white 255-255-255
Load the new texture
"...Runtime\textures\ApTextures\Kattiva\Kattiva_GENITALS.jpg" don't change the other parameters.
Push the OK button.
Now the Kattiva hip has the same characteristics of that of Tiziana.
Save again this figure with the name "kattiva Tiziana", in this way, Poser will also create the library file "rsr" of the image.

Do a test...
-Select the hip of the Bodice-suit and set the "PantiesVanish" morph value on 1
-Do a beautiful close-up of the ....;-)
Look at like he is different!
Good fun with "Kattiva_Tiziana"!

Sorry my English