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How to use my products in Daz Studio

You can use my products in Daz studio if you follow this procedure:
Create a folder named "Runtime" in your hard drive (as ex. C\Runtime)
Unzip the content of my product in this folder, as ex. point your zip program to C:\ if you have created the Runtime folder on driver "C".
Use "folder names option".
Then open your Daz Studio and select in the "contents" tab - "Figures" then select the cr2 Figure.
Select the tab "scene" and select full figure, then, in the "Parameters" Tab set the morph of the genital as you like.
To use a mat pose or an Injection pose, simply select the "contents" tab-> "Poses"
Select "the appropriate poser library folder and the right pose, then, use the option "import" to apply the pose.
Of course, you need the original Daz's figures, otherwise the characters doesn't work