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How to use Mover by Maz

This example will install the geometries of the P4WWGv2 woman 

For install the P4WWGv2, you need ObjectionMover (Mover101) program

Click Here to download

The file  " p4v2wwg2.pcf  " is in the folder ...Runtime\Geometries\apgeometrie 

IMPORTANT: Remember that you need the original geometries used to codify the PCF file

If you use Poser 6, you need to UNZIP the geometrie file ".obz"
and save it as ".obj" file before to proceed to decode the PCF file.
Open winzip program and load the OBZ file.
Then extract the file (in the original folder) that will be saved as an OBJ file.
Now you can decode the PCF file using the obj geometries file

  • Step-1
  • Open Objacton Mover
  • Clik on the button "Seed File"
  • In the folder ..Runtime\Geometries\P4NudeWoman\ select the P4NudeWom.obj


  • Step-2
  • In the menu "Function" select "Decode"
    (They appear of the blue arrows.)


  • Step-3
  • Clik on the button "Difference File"
  • In the folder Geometries select the file
    " p4v2wwg2.pcf  ".
  • Clik on the button "Convert"

After these operations, the new geometry has created. Now you could open the file cr2 of the P4WWGv2 in Poser.