With a fistful of dollars you can buy a splendid character package.

For a few dollars more in comparison to those that you have spent for other products, you can buy this package and valorize your Poser collection.

is a classic western character, in your histories he can be the good, the bad and the ugly, you choose...

What you see in these images is included in the package...except the Daz's M3 figure and the landscapes...of course!

Here are some of the items that you find in this package:

Exclusive Head morph target, photorealistic texture body and two head (shaved and with beard)...


...A complete set of clothings:

Hat - foulard & shirt - jacket -cowboy belt - pants - boots poncho - poncho open and more...

...many smart props:

spurs - gun - cigar...and
M3 Hair, special hair for the Cowboy with "Hat-Fit" morph target


See the images below...

(The package include genital textures)





See an other nice renter by the artist: samhal



Don't foget the
Bad Cowboy

and the Ugly Cowboy